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The B2B API is a replacement for our old API in the UK and Nordics. Partners using this old API will need to migrate to the B2B.

The functionality of the 2 APIs is very similar. The main goal of the B2B API is harmonisation across markets. Anything you could achieve in the old API will be possible in the B2B API.

Key dates

The old API will be disabled at the end of Q1 2024. All traffic should be switched to the B2B API before this date.

The B2B API is available for use now.

Who does this affect?

Anyone currently connecting to the following URLs will need to migrate:

Environment Endpoint URL
Live (Production),,


There are several things you will need to update on your integration to get ready for the B2B API



For token generation, there is no change in the URLs, however, the payload of the request for retrieving a token will change as the audience has now changed.

See API authentication for more details.


Most endpoints on the old API required your unique introducer ID to be included as part of the path, for example:

Where 1234 is the introducer ID. This is no longer necessary.

Base URL

The base URL of the B2B API is different

See API URLs for more details.


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