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The format is based on Keep a Changelog.

[1.9.0] - 2024-02-05


  • POST factories operation. SiGREEN introduces a new API for POST factories to capture factory names.
  • GET factories operation. SiGREEN introduces a new API for GET factories to capture factory names.


  • Using Unit Types :
    • Until version 1.8.0 SiGREEN application supported the following 'unit types' :
      • kg, Piece, m2, m3, kWh, km, TEU, pkm, tkm, MJ, L.
    • The new 'unit types' accepted in SiGREEN, after 1.9.0 release, will be:
      • kg, piece, m2, m3, kWh, tkm, MJ, L.
    • The old unit types will be rejected from v1.9.0 on. With this change, we aim to support you to add only data, which is compliant with existing PCF Standards like TfS, Catena-X and PACT.
    • Action Required If you used one of the removed unit types (km, TEU, pkm), you have to change it to use the APIs (POST product/component or factory emissions). You will also get back the new unit types, so possibly you will have to change the expected unit types.
  • Using POST products :
    • 'location' attribute becomes optional. When creating new products via API, first use the added GET/POST factories API endpoints to determine and set the correct factory names for your company. Please use the 'factories' attribute for the POST product API instead of 'location'. Factories can also bet set in the UI.
  • Using POST products/factoryEmissions/{productId} :
    • 'sourceSystem' attribute in POST products/factoryEmissions/{productId} API endpoint becomes optional.
  • Using POST/GET products/{productId}/bom :
    • 'Bill of Material API' request body structure changed. Please refer to the Swagger documentation for more details about the properties of the new request body. With this change, there is no longer the need to add information which is already defined on component level (“name”, “unit”, “weight”) again when adding a specific component to a BOM. Action required Applications using POST/GET BOM must be updated.
  • Using POST /components :
    • 'supplierComponentId' becomes optional.
    • 'materialCategory' becomes optional. If you want to provide a material category which does not exist, the system will generate this material category for you.
  • Using POST /suppliers :
    • 'contactNumber' becomes optional.
    • 'website' becomes optional.


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