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SIMATIC AX Developer Documentation

Developer Documentation

The full SIMATIC AX documentation can be accessed after acquiring access to SIMATIC AX since the product is still in a limited sales release for selected countries. It offers various resources for SIMATIC AX users. These resources include:

  • Quick start guides to help get started with the software
  • Documentation on how to use the package management
  • Structured Text (ST) references – SIMATIC AX utilizes the IEC 61131-3:2013 compliant programming language ST for application development
  • Testing framework to execute tests on the applications
  • Cloud connectivity tooling to establish a connection between SIMATIC PLCs and the SIMATIC AX cloud
  • Debugging infrastructure for identifying and resolving issues
  • PLC diagnostic and tracing tools to analyze and monitor PLC behavior

SIMATIC AX for local development

SIMATIC AX provides a downloadable Integrated Development Environment based on Visual Studio Code on Windows and a NPM package which can be used with Visual Studio Code on Windows, macOS and Linux.

SIMATIC AX for cloud development

SIMATIC AX offers a cloud-native development environment straight in the browser. Users can execute tasks that are typically performed using the local development environment within the SIMATIC AX web IDE.


SIMATIC AX offers a range of trainings for users. These tutorials cover various topics, starting from the initial setup and fundamental programming concepts using ST, extending to the development of comprehensive applications. Additionally, they guide users through the process of downloading applications to PLCs, as well as the interaction between SIMATIC AX and the TIA Portal for the respective use cases.

*Console access is granted only after acquiring access to SIMATIC AX.


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