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SIMATIC AX Open Source Community

We believe that collaboration helps everybody to create better products and services, which ultimately makes our world a better place. We made it our mission to provide you with such a space to grow together. This space is here!

What is the SIMATIC AX Open Source Community?

It is a platform where you find useful ST examples for SIMATIC AX like:

  • Application Examples to get an indication on what is possible. overview
  • Example Libraries for usage in your own projects and idea creation. overview
  • Tutorials for self-study. overview
  • Code Snippets to be reused in projects. overview
  • Project Templates for a head-start in application creation. overview


Thanks for your interest in contributing. We are happy to recieve your feedback regarding report bugs, unclear documentation, and other problems in the Issues section or, even better, propose any changes to this repository using Pull Requests. If you want to add your own content to this community feel free to get in touch with the maintainer team.

Contributing to SIMATIC AX Community

Open Source at SIMATIC AX

Below is the list of all current SIMATIC AX Open Source Projects. You will find tutorials, application examples, example libraries and code snippets that can be reused in your own projects.


Connect and Collaborate with Industrial Professionals and Join the Community!

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