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Find descriptions of different standard Industrial IoT APIs and services and their current usage within SITRANS SCM IQ as well as ideas for your potential reuse.

Asset Management Service

Asset Management Service supports you in creating digital representations of your physical assets. Such assets could be pumps, engines, gas turbines, conveyer belts.

SITRANS SCM IQ provides the following data points via Asset Type SITRANSMS to the Asset Management Service:

With this API you could possibly combine IoT assets with your “classical” plant hardware in your plant lifecycle software.

Event Management API

There are many devices that are connected to Insights Hub. Sometimes, devices show an unexpected behavior (for example, leakage in a motor pump or freezer exceeding the temperature limit) which demands special attention. These situations are known as events which can be digitally represented in Insights Hub. For SITRANS SCM IQ all detected anomalies in will be injected as events. Fetch all anomalies, their type (info, warning, error) and the time stamp of each event. To activate the event API you need to buy “Events Upgrade”, to be found in the upgrade catalogue from Insights Hub. What could you use this data for? Examples could be to trigger maintenance ticket in your order management system, or to analyze overall reliability of different assets.

IoT File Service

The IoT File Service provides the user with file management for files related to assets. The service provides an interface to manage data, search files and download them to specified agents. Files can also be uploaded to a temporary storage and managed there. SITRANS SCM IQ offers to upload videos, pictures and documents per anomaly and asset. These are uploaded during the anomaly handling in SITRANS Anomaly IQ and stored in the IoT File Storage.

IoT Time Series Service

The IoT Time Series Service is used to create, read, update, and delete time series data. Time series data is stored against an asset and an aspect. A time series record consists of a timestamp, one or more values, and an optional quality indicator for each variable, which is defined by the aspect type. SITRANS SCM IQ provides the following data points via Asset Type SITRANSMS:

  • You need an activated anomaly prediction model to store variable “anomaly_status” (possible values 20, 30, 40) and “deviation_index”.
  • “acceleration_XYZ” data of SITRANS MS200 is provided as peak-to-peak value in the frequency band 13Hz to 3300Hz.

It automatically detects whether the monitored asset is running or not, and gives back a value for it:

  • 0 = not running
  • 1 = running

What could you possibly do with this data? There are endless possibilities to create value with SITRANS SCM IQ time series data. Ideas could be to combine it with power consumption to calculate asset efficiency, or to combine with process data to monitor process health.


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