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Frequently asked questions

I can log in, but can not get a response in other messages

Please make sure you are prepending “Bearer “ string in front of the access token in subsequent messages (some clients do that automatically, so in such cases avoid doubling this string).

I get an HTTP error

Please read the description of the error codes assigned to the message in swagger (example below) and make sure that the user has the right “Manage REST-API” assigned in TcPCM User administration.


Is a special license required?

For Calculation export and Tool calculation export the license - Bulk Export API of Dynamic Calculations [PPC10029] is required.

Where can I find the export or import definition id?

In the export/import definition click edit and find the Cross-database identifier(GUID).


How can I find out, which calculations are a version of each other?

Add "VersionStream" column to your export definition. Each version of the calculation shares the same "VersionStream" string.


Please, check the availability of "VersionStream" column in your export definitions. It is not available in TcPCM versions released before the start of 2022.



Are there more examples available?

At the moment, PCM R&D provides additional resources upon request:

  • Excel example with connection done with VBA
  • Python example
  • Postman example

Can I get installation assistance?

If you require assistance with the installation or configuration of Teamcenter Product Cost Management, Customer Support will guide you to the DI SW Consulting team who can help you with this.


This may result in additional costs.


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