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Insights Hub Developer Documentation

Get the basics

Familiarize yourself with the architecture, building blocks, concepts, and interactions, from token exchange to access control.

Connect devices

Connect (almost any) Industrial device to harvest data and remotely connect to your on-site assets. Here's how.

Explore System Tools

With our system tools, you manage your environment every step of the way, from your first venture into IoT to running fully digitalized business models.

Build your own Apps and Solutions

Here are your building blocks! To help you develop and - if you so choose - share and monetize your own app, we've put together the latest concepts, How-tos, SDKs, and APIs.

Developer Resources

Access the full developer documentation for Insights Hub and Industrial IoT.


Contact our experts or sign up for free to start your industrial IoT journey today. Learn how to get the full potential of your data step by step with Insights Hub.

Developer DocumentationDeveloper Documentation.
App Development ConceptsAPI Lifecycle, Versioning, Authentication and authorization concepts.
Cloud FoundryManaged runtime environment powered by cloud foundry.
APIs and ServicesList of Insights Hub APIs and Services.
Insights Hub ResourcesList of all published resources for Insights Hub Developers.
DevOps CockpitDevOps Cockpit offers customers one centralized place to bring your apps into Insights Hub.
DevOps GuideDevOps Guide provides information for the development and testing of applications, as well as for deployment, productive operation and provisioning of applications via the respective Account and/or Environment.
How Tos and TutorialsAccessing Industrial IoT APIs during local development.
GitHubInsights Hub and Industrial IoT GitHub


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