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Tenant Management Service


Tenant Management is a central service that provides the possibility to manage an environment (tenant), its related subtenants, as well as related data.


For accessing this service you need to have the respective roles listed in Tenant Management roles and scopes.



An environment is an organization-specific logical environment for your data. An environment typically represents a legal entity, such as a company or corporation. In this context, Insights Hub is a multi-tenant architecture.


A subtenant is an organization-specific logical environment for the data of a cooperating legal entity. A subtenant typically represents a subset of the environment (tenant's) data which the tenant wants to share with one or more of its customers.

Information of an environment (tenant)

The environment information stores the following parameters:

  • country
    The home base of your legal entity
  • displayName
    The brand name which is shown in the Insights Hub environment
  • name
    The name which is shown in the URL of the tenant
  • prefix
    An ID which is used by developers to identify relevant code components
  • type
    The tenant type: USER, DEVELOPER or OPERATOR

An environment can display its own company logo in the UI. For this purpose logos of type .jpg, .png, or .gif with a maximum file size of 1 MB can be uploaded.

An environment can display its own legal/branding information, which is defined as legal links of type www, phone, and mail. When environment branding is enabled, it automatically creates the region global and sets the default language to English. Environments can be located in different regions with different legislation, which might require displaying different legal links depending on their location. For this case you can define custom regions and using country codes specify which countries belong to each region. One country can only belong to one region. You can also define different languages and add them to multiple regions. For each region you can define individual legal links in multiple languages.

The customized legal links are displayed for all users of the environment except tenant admins, who still see the original legal links of Insights Hub. The environment's location and the language settings of the web browser determine, which legal links are displayed.


You must enable tenant branding in order to create a subtenant!


The Tenant Management Service exposes its API for realizing the following tasks:

  • Retrieve environment (tenant)-specific information
  • Manage your own legal information
  • Create, retrieve and delete subtenants

Example Scenario

The administrator of a machine manufacturer updates the legal information of the environment with their own company's legal information in order to provide it to other environments and subtenants.

For details see Create your provider information.

Creating Subtenants

The administrator of a machine manufacturer wants to create a subtenant for one of their customers in order to share relevant machine data with them.

For details see :

Use the Tenant Management API to create a Subtenant.

Developing Subtenancy-Aware Applications.


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