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mdsp asset-types Command


mdsp asset-types


mdsp asset-types --help

Alternative form:

mc asset-types

(The CLI was using mc as default command name in older versions)


list, create or delete asset types *


Parameter list:

Usage: mdsp asset-types|at [options]

list, create or delete asset types *

 -m, --mode [list|create|delete|template | info] list | create | delete | template | info (default: "list")
 -f, --file .mdsp.json file with asset type definition
 -i, --idonly list only ids
 -s, --schema JSON Schema
 -n, --assettype the asset type name
 -c, --includeshared include shared asset types
 -k, --passkey passkey
 -y, --retry retry attempts before giving up (default: "3")
 -v, --verbose verbose output
 -h, --help display help for command


Here are some examples of how to use the mdsp asset-types command:


 mdsp asset-types --mode list list all asset types
 mdsp asset-types --mode list --assettype Pump list all asset types which are named Pump
 mdsp asset-types --mode template --assettype Pump 
 create a template file (Enironment.assettype.mdsp.json) for assettype Pump
 mdsp asset-types --mode create --file Pump.assettype.mdsp.json 
 create asset type Pump in Insights Hub

See Insights Hub API documentation for more information about Insights Hub APIs.


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